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> Matijn Woudt wrote:
>> On Thu, May 16, 2013 at 10:43 AM, Lester Caine <les...@lsces.co.uk
>> <mailto:les...@lsces.co.uk>> wrote:
>>     I'm having a problem with webtrees ... http://webtrees.net/
>>     My copy is running on http://webtrees.lsces.org.uk and you will see
>> that it
>>     is throwing an error relating to the session handling.
>>     Running Apache 2.2.22, PHP5.4.14, MySQL 5.5.31 (
>>     http://lsces.org.uk/phpinfo.__**php<http://lsces.org.uk/phpinfo.__php><
>> http://lsces.org.uk/phpinfo.**php <http://lsces.org.uk/phpinfo.php>> )
>>     If I comment out the session_set_save_handler() section of
>> session.php then
>>     I can log in and use the site. Have tried reworking that as a
>>     SessionHandlerInterface without any success. As far as I can see, the
>>     'write' function of the handler is not being called and while there
>> are
>>     various notes about problems with PHP5.4 blocking access to the write
>> and
>>     close functions, none of the fixes I have tried have resulted in a
>> working
>>     setup.
>>     Anybody seen this problem with PHP5.4?
>>     http://lsces.org.uk/hg/__**webtrees/file/dcf6ff358108/__**
>> includes/session.php#l334<http://lsces.org.uk/hg/__webtrees/file/dcf6ff358108/__includes/session.php#l334>
>>     <http://lsces.org.uk/hg/**webtrees/file/dcf6ff358108/**
>> includes/session.php#l334<http://lsces.org.uk/hg/webtrees/file/dcf6ff358108/includes/session.php#l334>>
>> is
>>     the code that seems to be failing.
>> What error do you get? I tried loading the site but it shows up fine.
>> In general, you should post the error message in your email anyway, for
>> two reasons:
>> 1) Most people on this list don't bother to open a (terrible slow)
>> website.
>> 2) Archives, so if anyone after you comes up with the same problem, he
>> will be
>> able to refer to the archives to find his solution.
> Been working on this most of the morning without success :(
> Faulty version is back up, and showing all the error messages, but
> basically ...
> ERROR 2: session_regenerate_id(): Session object destruction failed
> 0 Error occurred on in function session_regenerate_id
> But I think it's the initial session write that is failing
> ERROR 2: session_write_close(): Failed to write session data (user).
> Please verify that the current setting of session.save_path is correct
> (/var/lib/php5)
> 0 Error occurred on in function session_write_close
> But it should be writing to the database not the file directory.
It seems to me the session functions are failing, probably due to problems
with the database. Have you checked that there actually is a ##session
table in your database?
You might want to add some debugging code to these functions, to check if
errors occur with inserting or retrieving the sessions from the database.

- Matijn

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