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> Matijn Woudt wrote:
>> It seems to me the session functions are failing, probably due to
>> problems with
>> the database. Have you checked that there actually is a ##session table
>> in your
>> database?
>> You might want to add some debugging code to these functions, to check if
>> errors
>> occur with inserting or retrieving the sessions from the database.
> Well past that stage without making any progress.
> Using the write function outside of the session_set_save_handler() it
> works perfectly, and then the read can see the saved sessions and can load
> them.
> I am convinced that something is wrong with the general setup which is
> preventing the write and close from firing when it should. I can not trace
> any attempt to call the write function in the session handling.
> I'm currently checking out the adodb-session handler which WAS working in
> PHP5.3 but seems to be showing similar problems in PHP5.4
Well, I'm not sure what would be the problem here, but some general
There have been various changes in session handling between 5.3 and 5.4, so
most likely it is in there. Check if there are any references to
register_shutdown_function, and replace them with session_register_shutdown.
Second, check the return value of session_set_save_handler, it is a bad
habit not checking return value of a function, just because it works.
If that doesn't help, take the session piece out of the big framework, and
test it in a separate file. If that also fails, you've got a small piece of
code you can post here which will encourage others to have a look at it at
their box.

- Matijn

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