Hi folks,

[post newbie abilities] - I'm attempting to move away from PHP mysql functions 
to something newer, either mysqli or PDO.

I have read various things about them, but I'm curious at this point which 
would be best to learn for the present and future. I'm usually working on small 
to medium size projects.

I understand that PDO has an extra abstraction layer so it can work with / 
convert to other databases like oracle and others fairly easily, but some have 
said that PDO can be a bit slower the MySQLi?

So I would really like to hear opinions on the best choices of either MySQLi or 

Also I'm also trying to learn OOP, so I'm looking for a very good working PDO 
and/or mysqli database class - to get started with, that has all the basic 
needs like UPDATE - INSERT - DELETE - QUERY etc. That would be very helpful.

Thanks in advance for your opinions!

Dave - DealTek

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