On Monday 23 July 2001 19:00, Rehuel Lobato de Mesquita wrote:

> I  have a mySQL table, where the ID field is an auto increment number
> (INT(2)). I have a query that selects 2 colunms in the table and the

2 digits isn't much...

> lists them
> But only the items with a double digit id are displayd. it fails to
> display items with 1 digit!
> What did I do wrong

What did you do?

> I want to know where to look.

In your query. Or your PHP code.
That's about all I can say. If you want to get a useful answer, provide 
some relevant facts.

Christian Reiniger
LGDC Webmaster (http://lgdc.sunsite.dk/)

This is JohnC IMHO, I compaired tri-word groupings here and in his plan
and got a good match.

- /. posting discussing the likelihood that an AC post that claimed to be
posted by John Carmack during his honeymoon (and having the login info at
home) was actually from him.

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