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> Is your ticketing system written from scratch? Because such type of logic
> is already implemented in existing help desk softwares.

Yes written from scratch years ago.

> I think you can also use a specific string in your email to define which
> part goes in ticket and which part not. For example, you can include
> "PLEASE REPLY ABOVE THIS LINE\r\n" in each of the email. When reply comes
> you can split the whole email with this string and get the first part as
> original reply.

We have like 20,000 tickets in there already. Asking the users (who are not the 
brightest people on the planet to begin with given the vast majority of tickets 
I've encountered. Most don't read simple instructions as it is and many don't 
even speak Engrish) to follow some instructions is probably not going to work. 
And even if it did, that doesn't solve the problem for previous tickets.

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