On Tue, 24 Jul 2001 15:57, Chris Cocuzzo wrote:
> hey-
> I want to select the oldest show from a database to display on my main
> page, since the oldest show is also the show happening closest to any
> current time(if that makes sense...). I included a timestamp field in
> my table of shows in anticipation of checking that to find out what was
> the oldest. however, I'm wondering how I should go about doing that
> exactly. my idea was the scan through just that column of timestamps,
> find the lowest one, and then make a selection from the db based on the
> timestamp. Can any give me some examples of code to scan through a
> column like i mentioned, or give me better ideas on how to do this??
> thanks
> chris

I'm not exactly sure what you want here, but it seems like you could do a 
select where timestamp (<= or >= ) NOW() and then ORDER the result ASC or 
DESC according to your needs.

Frinstance, to get the first show on or after today you could select 
where timestamp is greater than or equal to NOW(), ORDER by timestamp and 
LIMIT 1 to get the earliest in the future. Which might be today! You can 
do some fancy formatting of the timestamp in Mysql, if that helps.

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