On 24-Jul-2001 Chris Cocuzzo wrote:
> hey-
> I want to select the oldest show from a database to display on my main page,
> since the oldest show is also the show happening closest to any current
> time(if that makes sense...). I included a timestamp field in my table of
> shows in anticipation of checking that to find out what was the oldest.
> however, I'm wondering how I should go about doing that exactly. my idea was
> the scan through just that column of timestamps, find the lowest one, and
> then make a selection from the db based on the timestamp. Can any give me
> some examples of code to scan through a column like i mentioned, or give me
> better ideas on how to do this??
> thanks
> chris

'Old'-est - order by your_timestamp asc 
'New'-est - order by your_timestamp desc 

   ... limit x;

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