dealTek <> wrote:

>Hi all,
>I can see the basic need for a table prefix in a case where you may use
>one mysql database for several projects at once so as to distinguish
>tables per project like...
>Project 1
>however I was told a long time ago to use a prefix "tbl_" like
>tbl_Mytable but I don't really see much need for this by itself ... Am
>I missing something?
>Dave - DealTek

I think that's a pattern that people use to distinguish their tables from 
views, etc, but personally I find it a little pointless. It doesn't really help 
in any way, and just means more typing.

Using a prefix for a set of tables in one db where you might have several 
things using the db (i.e. some hosting limits the databases you can have) makes 
sense, and especially so if you name it sensibly as in your first example. 

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