Sorry, the first mail in this subject run out for me. This is an updated

I am almost ready with my learning project in PHP/MySQL.
I can register new product in stock.
Add and increase the number and weight.
I can move products between different storehouses
I can also transfer products from store and onto a "truck document" but
that's it and here I need some advice.

I like to register new products and the amount in number (for example 4)
and weight in kg.

I like to write it in this way:
Dynamite - package 4 - Weight 200 kg
Lunt - Package 10 - Weight 10kg

Then I like to 4+10 = 14
and 200+10 = 210.

It shall looks like this:
Dynamite |  4  | 200
Lunt         | 10 |  10
TOTAL    | 14 | 210

It is easy to register this product by product on their own row.
but in what way can I multiply them? ned products be stored in arrays?
I think it will be similar to shopping cart in online store but i have no
clue about how to do this.
If you have links to pages were i can learn am i Happy for it. If you can
help me here is even better.

Thanks for your time and effort to learn me programming.



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