Karl-Arne Gjersøyen wrote:
// start the table

$total = 0;

>echo "<table border=1>";
>echo "<tr><th>Product</th><th>**Amount</th></tr>";
>// loop thru each item found
>while ($results = $qrslts->fetch(PDO::FETCH_**ASSOC))
>    echo "<tr><td>".$results['product_**name']."</td><td>".$results['**
$total += $results['product_amt']

echo "<tr><td>Total:</td><td>".$total."</td></tr>";

>// finish the table html
>echo "</table";

Yes that part is OK. I do have problem to add total weight and package at
bottom of the table like this:

Product_one   40kg
Product_two   60kg
Total:             100kg

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