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> Hello world!
> I'm trying to learn PHP ( first programming language that I learn) and
> I feel kinda lost. I've read PHP programming 3rd edition( O'reilly),
> 'getting good with PHP' by Andrew Burgees and some tutorials on the
> internet but can't code something more complex than 'hello world'.
> I do understand functions/values/operators/control structures, etc but
> as I said, I feel that I can't use the language.
> Am I reading the wrong books for a beginner?
> Any advices?
> *Apologies if this email might seem confusing. :)

    Perhaps I'm biased, but I think other folks will agree --- the
official documentation is your best source of learning second only to
your own experiences with the language.  Check through the user notes
as well, as they often provide very valuable insight and other
developers' personal experiences.

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