On 07/18/2013 09:08 PM, php colos wrote:
> Hello world!
> I'm trying to learn PHP ( first programming language that I learn) and
> I feel kinda lost. I've read PHP programming 3rd edition( O'reilly),
> 'getting good with PHP' by Andrew Burgees and some tutorials on the
> internet but can't code something more complex than 'hello world'.
> I do understand functions/values/operators/control structures, etc but
> as I said, I feel that I can't use the language.
> Am I reading the wrong books for a beginner?
> Any advices?
> *Apologies if this email might seem confusing. :)
> Richard

As others have mentioned, reading only isn't a good thing. You'll need
to code alongside reading.

You also might need to have a goal/project to motivate you to code.
Starting small is a good thing. Or you could help out some of the
smaller php projects that have only a few coders. Fixing bugs in a
project can be a great help, and you'll learn a lot.

If you don't have any project in mind, you can go to codecademy.com
or some of the other interactive learning sites to start coding.
I just checked, they've implemented PHP now, I haven't tried this. But
the javascript course is great.


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