On 13-08-01 05:14 PM, Paul M Foster wrote:
On Thu, Aug 01, 2013 at 02:35:04PM -0500, Larry Garfield wrote:


So you're writing your own form tags for each specific time you need
a form, or you wrote your own form builder API that is writing the
form tags for you?

Unless my wife creates the form in Dreamweaver, I write the HTML for the
form fields. Even when she does, I add the proper code to validate each
field and the form overall, using my field validation class, etc.

Because if the former, I claim it's insecure.  The development
process is insecure, so you will screw up sooner or later.  You're
only human.

A-ha! That's where you're wrong, Matey! For I am SUPER-CODER! Faster
than a speeding 300 baud modem! More powerful than a teletype! Able
to leap tall procedural functions at a single bound! With my pocket
protector and trusty slide rule, I defend the indefensible and champion
the cause of spaghetti code!

So there! ;-P

I often get paid to fix such code... keep up the questionable methodologies ;)

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