Larry Garfield wrote:
5.2.9 was released in February of 2009.  5.2 is completely retired and out of
support.  5.3 is on security-only life-support.  5.4 is the legacy stable 

Yes, 5.2.9 IS that old. :-)  Really, get a host that has made it into this
decade.  (GoDaddy apparently doesn't meet that qualification.) You're doing
clients a disservice by allowing them to run such an ancient and unsupported

While the statements are correct, many users are not in a position to move from their currently working systems to even 5.3 let alone 5.4. There is still a lot of legacy code that unless a few more people step up and help bring it forward for the many - non programming - users who are stuck with legacy applications, they will remain requiring 5.2 to run. ISPs got caught out when they arbitrarily moved accounts forward, and GoDaddy have even been caught by that, so maintaining a LTS version of PHP5.2 is the lesser evil ... Windows 2000 is supposed to be dead, but *I* still have sites reliant on it because the code and hardware is unsupported in even XP. Saying something is dead only works if there is an affordable way of moving forward ;)

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