Sebastian Krebs wrote:
Do we just accept that we have to rewrite every program we ever wrote every
>time a new version comes out? A little extreme, but you get my point.
>Comments? Suggestions?
My 2 cent: I hadn't any major issues with BC since 5.3 and from 5.2 it
required a little bit to do, but was solveable (means: It wasn't
complicated, but only an afternoon time to invest). Caine complaints from
time to time his codebase here. That is nothing new and I am unsure how
representative his statements are.

My 'problem' came about through taking over a couple of small hosting companies who had sites across several ISP's and various versions of PHP ( and ASP thrown in for good measure ). Every site required a day or so's work to tidy up, and little problems thrown in like the <?= cock-up which took down 5 sites when that ISP 'upgraded' PHP to the problem version. But the main problem still is making things E_STRICT compliant since PHP5.4 tends to be set up with it enabled and PHP5.3 will be fazed out on ISP's at some point.

I'm slowly moving sites to servers where I do have control of the framework, but 'just an afternoons work' across a large number of sites and fire fighting when sites go down without prior warning all takes time ... I can't really complain, I've been picking up customers who's sites have been affected and earning money from them :) I have to say no to a lot though as there are only so many hours in a day.

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