On 8/20/2013 3:20 PM, Daniel Pöllmann wrote:
Buffering is the more comftable way because if you write all html to a
variable, output that might be created in a function, you did not modify
will not be included.

Non critical errors that create an output (notice/warning) will not ve
included as well.

Another way would be to create a script which makes a http request to the
output script and saves the response to the file

Am 20.08.2013 18:39 schrieb "Floyd Resler" <fres...@adex-intl.com>:

I have a php file that generates a form.  Of course, this displays in the
browser.  How can I have the form generated from my script but either saved
to a file or the output returned to another script?


I assumed that the user would only be doing this once it had been debugged.
Don't understand why a function generating output would present a problem.

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