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> While I don't have any references to back it up - my guess would be that
> Java may be seen as more versatile in general programming terms.  A
> staggering number of enterprise level web applications are built with
> Java, add to that the possibility of writing Android apps with the same
> knowledge.

To me the salient point is, does java has as extensive a library or set of 
interfaces to other packages (such as SQLite, mysql, etc)?

> I would say that, in general, the other teacher is incorrect speaking
> strictly in terms of web development.  PHP has already won that crown
> many times over.  That said, when I was in University, it was difficult
> to find a programming class that taught anything but Java - and that was
> 10yrs ago now.  I chalked it up to the education bubble not being able
> to see what the rest of the world is actually doing.

Was PHP OOP-capable at the time? Perhaps the edu-bubble was simply looking down 
its nose at PHP. There being lots of courses proves nothing in and of itself. 
20 years ago, there were lots of PC mags you could buy, which caused some folks 
to say "look how much better the PC is supported than other platforms". Truth 
was, at the time, such support was needed given the mess of 640k limits, DOS, 
IRQs and the like, most of which issues have ceased to be relevant.

Anyway, why should one need a course to learn PHP, assuming you already know 
other languages. It's simple enough.

Cheers  --  Tim

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