Sebastian Krebs wrote:
With composer being pushed as the 'in way to go' and not being able to see
>how to get some code relating to bootstrap and smarty development because
>the links only show composer I've downloaded a plug-in for eclipse that is
>supposed to handle that. But it's not working as I expect, and while
>heading over to the plug-ins developers is the obvious step, what I'd
>actually prefer is a more general PHP/Eclipse list to discuss general IDE
>problems rather than even PDT biased discussions.
>Is there a suitable list? And if not is there any interest in setting one
>up? ... at the risk of proliferating even more lists ...

I for myself switched over to PhpStorm from Eclipse/PDT and I fear meany
hear use either PhpStorm, or Netbeans in the meantime. I'm not saying, that
nobody is using Eclipse/PDT anymore, but I fear you wont find much interest

I'm still on PHPEclipse for PHP. PDT just does not work for me, and neither did Netbeans for some of the other languages I have to live with, which is why PHPStorm is no use either. I need python in addition to C/C++ with document handling, and firebird which don't get any support from either so Eclipse is really my only option.

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