Sebastian Krebs wrote:
However, my last mail wasn't about telling you, that your IDE is bad. But I have
the feeling, that this audience may be simply not interested.

I'm only using Java in order to make tweaks to PHPEclipse and and other support packages. ( and the same with python ). We could do with more support in these areas, and comments like yours don't help, but there IS enough interest from users dissatisfied with the alternatives ... The problem is that there are perhaps too many options and combining the activities of a few would create a more popular common base?

The vast number of different 'frameworks' add further to the dilution of effort. It's a pity that there is not a single universally accepted development base in addition to a single IDE into which support could be pooled. It's not going to happen as PHP now has too many diverse ways of doing the same thing? :(

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