On Tue, 24 Jul 2001 19:34:22 -0700, [EMAIL PROTECTED] (Kyle Smith)


>i get the error message from this page saying "Warning: Could not =
>deliver email. You are over quota. in =
>/web/sites/197/lk6/www.stupeedstudios.f2s.com/email.php on line 15" in =
>which line 15 is the line under "$message =3D $email. $comments;" saying =
>just "?>"


>mail("$kyle", "$subject", "$message");


can you create any file on that filesystem at all?  e.g., what happens
when you do:

cd <FullPathToYourrWebDirHere>
echo "1" > someRandomFileName.txt

at the shell prompt?

the error message says you're over quota.  sounds to me like the
system administrator is enforcing disk quotas and you've used up
all the disk space you're allowed to.  i assume that the mail(...)
function creates temporary files and that's the part that's failing.

delete some files that you don't need.  e.g., for any temporary
files that you create in your scripts, do you delete them?


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