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> Sent: Tuesday, July 24, 2001 9:34 PM
> Subject: [PHP] URGENT... NEED HELP!!!
> What is wrong with this code?
> (note: the variables $email and $comments are sent from 
> another page but i get the error message from this page 
> saying "Warning: Could not deliver email. You are over quota. 
> in /web/sites/197/lk6/www.stupeedstudios.f2s.com/email.php on 
> line 15" in which line 15 is the line under "$message = 
> $email. $comments;" saying just "?>"

I'd venture to guess there isn't anything in particular wrong with the
*code*, but that either the sending account has already sent as much
mail as it's allowed to, or the receiving account's mailbox is full.

Assuming (since it's your address) that you've already verified that the
latter isn't the case, I think your next step is probably to have a
little chat with your server admins.

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