On 25.9.2013 17:12, Shawn McKenzie wrote:
> Just as I thought:
> 5.2.0
> Fixed bug #39039 SSL: fatal protocol error when fetching HTTPS from servers
> running Google web server). (Ilia)

Thanks, but ...
I am not sure how what I am supposed to do with this information.

#39039 says it is a bug and it was fixed.
How do I proceed to understand this bug?
Where can I find the appropiate patch?
Where is this bug discussed?

I am sorry if I strain it (too much?) but the link to this bug does not
give a solution to the problem and it does not help to understand the

I understand that somewhere in cvs there is the solution, but I can not
see an obvious way to get it from the information in #39039
Markus Falb

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