I thought I covered that.  The bug was fixed 7 years ago.  Upgrade PHP, I
doubt there is a patch.  I understand that not all coders or distributions
will have the latest version of PHP, but come on, how many thousands of
bugs have been fixed in 7 years?  You're going to run into more.
 Alternatively you could try and suppress it.  From the bug it sounded like
it was only the warning that was the bug, so the code should work.  I can't
test because my PHP on CentOS is only 3 years old (5.3.3).

 $contents = @stream_get_contents($handle);

On Wed, Sep 25, 2013 at 11:20 AM, Markus Falb <markus.f...@fasel.at> wrote:

> On 25.9.2013 17:12, Shawn McKenzie wrote:
> > Just as I thought:
> >
> > 5.2.0
> > Fixed bug #39039 SSL: fatal protocol error when fetching HTTPS from
> servers
> > running Google web server). (Ilia)
> Thanks, but ...
> I am not sure how what I am supposed to do with this information.
> #39039 says it is a bug and it was fixed.
> How do I proceed to understand this bug?
> Where can I find the appropiate patch?
> Where is this bug discussed?
> I am sorry if I strain it (too much?) but the link to this bug does not
> give a solution to the problem and it does not help to understand the
> problem.
> I understand that somewhere in cvs there is the solution, but I can not
> see an obvious way to get it from the information in #39039
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> Markus Falb
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