On 25-9-2013 22:11, dealTek wrote:
Hi All,

Semi newbie email question...

I have used the - mail() — Send mail php function to send email from a site.

now it seems the server is blocking this for safety because I should be using 

Q: mail() does not have authentication - correct?

Q: So I read from the link below that maybe I should use - PEAR Mail package 
.... is this a good choice to send mail with authentication?

...any suggestions for basic sending email with authentication (setup info and 
links also) would be welcome


Dave - DealTek

I'm sure I'm going to annoy people with this, but I would advise to never use PEAR. It's the biggest load of extremely badly coded PHP you'll ever find. Creating an SMTP client (with the purpose of just sending mail) is very easy to do yourself (and also a good challenge if you're not yet very skilled with PHP). Alternatively, you can indeed use a package such as PHPMailer; it's not perfect, and quite bloated for what you want probably, but it works rather well.

- Tul

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