On Fri, Sep 27, 2013 at 12:06:30AM +0200, Maciek Sokolewicz wrote:

> I'm sure I'm going to annoy people with this, but I would advise to
> never use PEAR. It's the biggest load of extremely badly coded PHP
> you'll ever find. Creating an SMTP client (with the purpose of just
> sending mail) is very easy to do yourself (and also a good challenge
> if you're not yet very skilled with PHP). Alternatively, you can
> indeed use a package such as PHPMailer; it's not perfect, and quite
> bloated for what you want probably, but it works rather well.

I have to agree on the code bloat. Unless your requirements are
extraordinary (which the OP's are), the native PHP mail() function is
generally quite adequate.

Never thought about creating a PHP email client. Interesting idea...


Paul M. Foster

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