Here's my task: A group of kids is going to be staying with different host 
families throughout the next 8 months.  The number of kids staying with a host 
family can range from 2 to 10.  When deciding which kids should stay together 
at a host family, the idea is for the system to put together kids who have 
stayed with each other the least on past weekends.  So, if a host family can 
keep 5 kids, then the group of 5 kids who have stayed together the least will 
be chosen.

I can't think of an easy, quick way to accomplish this.  I've tried various 
approaches that have resulted in a lot of coding and being very slow.  My idea 
was to give each group of kids a score and the lowest score is the group that 
is selected.  However, this approach wound of iterating through several arrays 
several times which was really slow.  Does anyone have any ideas on this puzzle?


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