CD> Hey, I need a set of extra eyes:

OK. I'll put on my magic X-ray typ-oh-glasses ;)

CD> $res_id = mysql_query ("update contacts_data set (
CD>             description='$description',
CD>             data='$data',
CD>             filename='$input_file_name',
CD>             filesize='$input_file_size',
CD>             filetype='$input_file_type'
CD>             where uid='$uid'
CD>             )");

My glasses suggests that it might be this:
   You are writing
       UPDATE adf SET (asdf = 'asd', sadf='ert', ..., WHERE uid =

   but try moving the WHERE clause outside the parentheses like

       UPDATE adf SET (asdf = 'asd', sadf='ert') WHERE uid =

Of cause my glasses might be broken or need a recompile...
Kind regards,
    Morten Winkler

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