I learned from various sites and the manual and just by doing it which
usually meant it would fail cause I'd used Perl's syntax so I'd go find
the PHP equivalent :)

However, I bought "Professional PHP Programming" for some of our
developers who like books.  I skimmed it and it's pretty good.

I would also recommend a book on databases (mysql or postresql -- please
no wars) since most sites use php to talk to a database -- not all, but it
happens :)



The best way though is to find a project that you want to do and hack your
way through it.  Then go back and clean it up, improve it, etc...

have fun!

On Wed, 25 Jul 2001, Kyle Smith wrote:

> Can someone please make a list of the best places to learn PHP as I
> have 6 weeks of school holidays and I want to put the m to good use (i
> have the PHP reference guide from www.oreilly.com and i have the big
> ass document files from www.php.net)
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> New address.... new site
> ICQ: 115852509
> AIM: legokiller666

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