The manual is excellent, once you ask the right question, or know where to
look.  It is a bit daunting as a newbie resource.  However, the search
engine does help in finding a specific function.

The best way to get to that point is to work on some tutorials (even for
things you don't need immediately), at places like:

There's an exellent set of articles on sitepoint by Kevin, which have got me
through the hard stuff, like sessions :)

I think the guy who runs site point (Kevin Yank) has a great book, the first
4 chapters of which are published on the site.

Good luck.


on 23/05/02 10:11 PM, r ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:

> Hey,
> Welcome to PHP.
> I too am a newbie, I agree, is too damn complex for a newbie, I
> would suggest starting off on webmonkey as its really easy and has some
> great examples for the beginner, then you can try to download the PHP manual
> from
> Nearly everyone I spoke to swears by the manual but I am using "PHP black
> book" by peter moulding, coriolis and dreamtech publications, so far these 7
> chapters its really good, I do consult the manual a bit but am scared of it
> :-)
> Hope that helped,
> -Ryan
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> From: "Darren Edwards" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> Sent: Wednesday, May 22, 2002 4:17 PM
> Subject: [PHP] Learning PHP
>> hi ppl i am learning PHP and was wondering if there is a good book or web
>> site that i could learn ALOT from.  Not coz the documentation is
>> just too complex there for a beginner.
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