Hello... Let me say thank you in advance to those who respond...

How well does PHP and Cold Fusion code play together? Can PHP code in CF pages be 
parsed by PHP server or vise versa- Can CF code in PHP pages be parsed by the CF 
server? Or will this cause major headaches?

The reason I ask is because I will be building a concept site for my client in PHP 
using a MySQL database.  As the concept moves on to production however, I am fairly 
certain that the developers will use Cold Fusion to implement further dynamic features 
and site architecture.  Also, they will probably want to use Access in conjunction 
with the CF code. If it were completely up to me, I'd have the whole site done in PHP, 
but unfortunately, I am not the final decision maker here. 

So to recap... Will the CF developers be able to use any of my code or will they have 
to redo the site completely in cold fusion??

Thanks again for your input....SD

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