It can be used for (nearly) anything, it seems.

Sure, making dynamic web sites is cool... not necessarily database driven,
but perhaps driven by user input.

I'm currently using PHP as my primary shell scripting language... I have a
collection of scripts that manipulate directories full of digital images
that I've taken (or scanned from my film photography)...

I can be used to create web-based interfaces to traditionally command-line
tasks... for instance, another project I'm working on (that unfortunately
will need to be moved to java due to the need for multiple threads and
draw-anywhere capabilities) is a website that monitors machines on my
network that are out in the field... queries them for the temperature,
status of some services, etc etc... the command execution functions
(system(), exec(), etc) really make PHP incredibly powerful.

What else?  Do you have a particular application that you think might be
able to use php for?


On Wed, 25 Jul 2001, Kyle Smith wrote:

> Ok this is the big question, in-depth could someone tell me what PHP could be used 
>for other than aking databases (which i canT do)
> Thanks
> -legokiller666-
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> AIM: legokiller666

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