Hello everyone,

 This is slightly off topic, but I'm sure you guys are the best group to
 answer this.

 I have a client who needs a wireless website, that interacts with PHP and
 MySQL. In addition to that, the client wants to be able to track the
 geographical location, of the user--who will access the site with a cell
 phone and/or PDA device. Basically, if someone from, say Los Angeles,
 access the website, we want to be able to (automatically) capture his/her
 location. This is for internal uses, so the PDA device will be uniformed.

 That means, I will need to integrate a GPS system/function in the
 wireless pages. Once the connection is made, I can use php and mysql to
 handle the rest.

 My problem is with the GPS functions. I've never worked with any GPS
system, so I'm  looking for advices, references, and general directions.

1) How do I track a user's PDA device (geographical location)?
  **- I know some of the WAP enabled phones (like the i1000 by Nextel)
      doesn't let you do that**
  **- I think there some legality issues around that, but am not sure.

2) Where can I read up on that?

3) Has anyone work with something on that level? If so, then please help.

 At this point, the PDA device has not been chosen. We are still in the
 research stage.

 As far as I know, Trucking Companies, uses this type of system to track
 their trucks and drivers. And, off course, any car with a Navigation
 System  is using the same concept.

 Where can I get some information on this? Has anyone programmed anything
 related to Global Positioning Systems? If so, then I would appreciate any
 information that you can share.

 Any help would be greatly appreciated.

 Thanks in advance!

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