I personally use www.phpwebhosting.com and they are "OK". I don't think I
would put anything mission critical on their servers. Why do I say this? I
usually spend all day long with an SSH session open, running VI to edit my
site... several times throughout the day, my session will freeze... if I try
and view my webpage during this moment, I can't get to it, so I have to
assume that their machines freeze for 20-30 seconds several times a day.  My
SSH session usually terminates during this time as well..  it's very
frustrating, but for my personal site, at $9.95 a month for unlimited
bandwidth/space/pop accounts, I will put up with it, until I can find a
better host with comparable features, and comparable price.

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I am aware this is a bit off topic but i need advice.  i have a client that
wants to set up hosting.  we need to get him a control panel for
administrative use.  We have search open source stuff and there is one PHP
that is alpha.  We have no problem paying for it if we could find one.  PHP
would be nice so we could easily integrate it in the rest of the site.  Any
one able to point me in the right direction?

Thank You,

Jon Yaggie

And they were singing . . .

'100 little bugs in the code
100 bugs in the code
fix one bug, compile it again
101 little bugs in the code

101 little bugs in the code . . .'

And it continued until they reached 0

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