I've gotten this far:

URL to open an advanced search window(window2) from window1:

<a href=\"javascript:newWindow =
newWindow.focus()\")>Advanced Search</a>

Enter text in a form (snippet from form, close window if cancel is clicked,
redirect window1 to new url, close window):

print "<form name=advsrch method=post action=db_viewMD.php>";
print "<td class=sansbold>field1</td>\n";
print "<td class=sansbold><input type=text name=field1></td></tr>\n";
print "<input type=submit value=Submit
print "<input type=button value=Cancel onclick=self.close()>\n";

Now the problem is that redirecting window1 isn't really helpful because the
form variables don't get loaded to window1 unless they are part of the URL
(ie. dbview_md.php?field1=textentered1&field2=textentered2) but they can't
be part of the URL because you don't know the text entered in the form until
it submits the form.)

Is there a way to just refresh window1 after changing the PHP variable
(HTTP_SERVER_VARS["argv"]??) that holds the arguments for window1?


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