> >  an easier way of doing this is to have a database of users with their
> > password in the table and when they log on simply mark them logged using
> > sum boolean variable. this will, cut down time.
> > good luck!.
> > and remeber ........ Have a nice day :)
>     And when would you uncheck the boolean value? In theory, when the
> session expires, but there's no event being triggered. Only solution would
> be to check for active sessions periodically, or something like this...
> Ideal solution would be for php to do it by itself when the session
> expires..

        yes i totally agree with you, and i have posted questions about
this problem titled "knowing when a visitor leaves", the best best way is
to make the users click the "logout" button and if they dont, then we do
it the YAHOO! way or better said the deco!! way, to check if the session
is active or inactive. 

Saquib Farooq
Systems @ SDNPK 

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