I once had the same problem in a similar environment, but I never worked on it to fix 
it because it was sufficient for the given purpose. Later, I moved the script 1:1 
(including php.ini) to a server running caudium as web server software and the problem 
was gone...


>Did anyone have any thoughts on this?  I can upload an 8 MB file, but after
>that the upload fails.
>I am running PHP 4.0pl1 with Apache 1.3.14 on RedHat Linux 7.1.  I am trying
>to do a file upload from the users PC to my web server.  If I do a small
>file, the transfer goes fine.  If I do a large file (> 50 MB), the transfer
>fails saying either the file was not available for reading or my script just
>bombs out.  I need to be able to have people upload large files.  I have
>changed the setting in php.ini to upload_max_filesize = 100M.
>Do I also need to change the following entries in php.ini?
>       max_execution_time = 60
>       memory_limit = 8M
>Is this an apache limit?  I'm not sure what to do with this as I really need
>to be able to transfer large files.

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