I have a slight problem and was wondering if anyone could help.

I have a php script that runs every 30 minutes. It takes the contents of a
directory (which is constantly being updated) and dumps them into a mysql
database. Recently this directory has become increasingly large and the php
script only updates a portion of it before it stops execution.

To run the php script I use a lynx command in a crontab. I'm running suse
linux and apache on both machines (the machine containting the directory
and the other machine containing the database).

I've tried changing the max execution time in php.ini file but it appears
to have no affect. When I took the php script and divided it into portions
and ran them one at a time it worked (except for one portion of the
script). the execution time of the script doesn't matter to me, I just need
it to run.

When I run the php script through a browser, and the script doesn't
complete, I get a 'page cannot be displayed' message (while I am expecting
a 'fatal error, exceeded max execution time' error message).

Maybe it could be fixed by using something other than lynx to run the php
script internally, but  I don't know of any alternatives.

hope someone can help..


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