I think that as far as you have the same version of MySQL on both servers, you can 
simply copy the table files, otherwise you should use mysqldump or something like that
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Hi <?PHPrEAks!?>

I will be having to face the dubious task of moving my PHP/MySQL-based website to 
another server.  Can anyone out there point me to some "GOOD" documentation on this?  
The .php files I'm not as concerned about.  I've been using the $DOCUMENT_ROOT in all 
of my includes.  I'm more concerned about getting the MySQL databases ( actual files 
??? ) moved over correctly.

I know this isn't a MySQL list, but I thought that enough of you out there work with 
PHP/MySQL enough to get some good feedback.  I'd also like to hear feedback on just 
your general experience with the process of moving from one web server over to 

Thanks all -- --

Gene Kelley
BizFlow Data Solutions

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