>What's the deal with that NuShere stuff... I visited their website and 
>download a Free version (40MB)...

>what are we paying for here?

I don't know.. Perhaps you pay for the tools.. or because of the fact they 
seem to preconfigure the stuff.. I didn't check their website.

Must be quite some additions they made and tools they added (or they didn't 
bother to zip/gzip/whatever).. I downloaded MySQL, PHP and Apache (all 
latest releases).. that was about 17MB (manuals included)..

You can download everything for free from www.mysql.com www.php.net 
www.apache.org and a step to step guide to install everything can be found 
at www.devshed.com (amongst others)..

So no reason to pay whatever amount to NuSphere.. If you need a 
supportcontract for MySQL you could get one from the creators .. found at 
Don't go to mysql.org since that's NuSphere trying to impersonate the 
creators of MySQL..
For MySQL www.mysql.com is the place to be.. all sorts of tools can be 
found there too.... best of all: it's FREE.



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