>NuSphere added a table type called gemini.
> >From nusphere.com:
>"Gemini tables provide row-level locking, robust transaction support, and
>reliable crash recovery."

Transactions.. you don't need Gemini to have transactions.. INNOBASE (might 
be it's called INNODB.. think theres an issue with INNOBASE as name).
According to the manual theres an MySQL way to repair your database.. And 
MySQL AB is going to create a safe replication scema.. according to the 
manual.txt found in 3.23.36 .. that is..

Since Gemini is not included in the free download I wonder why that is 
about 23MB larger than the seperate parts you can download from other 
websites.. Sure.. a few scripts.. but that shouldn't take much space..

>I guess you also pay the easy install (*) and for e-mail/phone support.

lists @php.net and @mysql.com are FREE.. Phone support is (in my 
experience) only good for simple problems.. but.. perhaps their support is 
much better than that..

>(*)     It takes a few minutes to install and configure MySQL, PHP, Apache,
>Perl and some other stuff.

Uhm, it doesn't take that long to install from source using the 
instructions found on www.devshed.com .. but that highly depends on the 
hardware you're using.



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