>... is there a better search engine than the experience of other people 
>that faced the problem before???

I find it to easy to just start asking questions without doing some 
research on your own.. Your question does show a lack of own initiative.. 
like not clicking documentation on the php.net website..
This is IMHO one of the main reasons why this is such a high volume list..

Typing some keywords (like PHP.. newbie.. lesson) don't cost you much time 
and would have given you quite a few links to follow.. information to 
assimilate.. things to investigate..

I don't want to sound nasty but I find your answer a poor excuse for not 
working on your own problem.. sure.. after searching for hours one might 
give up.. but not so fast..

If you want to know more about sessions you might want to checkout 
webmonkey.. (www.webmonkey.com .. I think).



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