We have several small applications that have been using the built-in session
functions from php for quite sometime.  Recently, I have started using the
session_set_save_handler in 3 of those applications.  Even though the
documentation on php.net says,

 "Note: You must set the configuration option session.save_handler to user
in your php.ini file for session_set_save_handler() to take effect.",

I have found that I can still use my customer save_handler with the
session.save_handler in the php.ini being set to 'files'.  Since I
implemented this function, we noticed that our other applications that do
not call session_set_save_handler started having the following error:
"Fatal error: Failed to initialize session module in backend.php on line 27

Warning: Failed to write session data (user). Please verify that the current
setting of session.save_path is correct (/tmp) in backend.php on line 0"

line 27 of backend.php is a simple session_start();

The /tmp is not full and is fully writable.  It seems that when the 3 custom
session applications are in use, that this error starts popping up in other
session applications.

Is my call to a session_set_save_handler somehow "changing" the php.ini for
a bit?  It's like the custom session application is setting the
session.save_handler to 'user' for all other sessions.

Any comments would be welcome.



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