Im trying to introduce some logic into a form.I am unsing $PHP_SELF as 
the target.
<form action=\"$PHP_SELF\" method=\"POST\" type=\"multipart/form-data\">

I have a text area that the user inputs their age.  What I want is that 
if the field is blank, to stop the script and send the user back to fill 
in their age.  My problem now is that if I go to the blank application 
form, The script interprets the form as being blank and spits out the 
error.  Ideal scenario, a blank form is presented to the user, and when 
the form is submitted, do the logic check and act accordingly.  Is it 
possible using $PHP_SELF as the target, or do I have to use 2 files: a 
form 'front end' with the php logic in the 'backend'??

if ($Age = " ") {
         echo "Please go back and enter your age."; } exit();


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