Weeeellll...besides your everyday, run of the mill geek who hates Javascript
pop-ups, who really disables JavaScript? 95% of the users out there don't
ever touch the default browser settings. Also, the Javascript 1.0 has been
around since, what, Netscape 2? It's all you really need for form
validation. Even IE3 supports it pretty well. All the version 5 and 6
browsers support it, and that's 90% + of the market.

The biggest issue is the AOL browser, which is rather finicky. It can be
done, though.

It's all a matter of opinion I guess. :)

- Erik

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> From: Ryan Fischer [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]
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> To: Erik H. Mathy; PHP
> Subject: Re: [PHP] PHP_SELF
> You wrote:
> > It's generally a whole lot better to do your form value checking with
> > Javascript. It'll be faster and alot less of a waste of your server
> > resources. IMHO, of course. :)
> This really isn't that true because if a user has JavaScript disabled,
> or is using a browser that doesn't support it, the error checking will
> simply be ignored, and you'll have been given data that is possibly
> erroneous.
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