hi all,

        i'm writing a web chat, the frame that presents the text, has a very fast 
refresh (has to) it's about from 2 in 2 seconds, my problem is writing to the 
file (chat is file based), when the refresh read the file, it doesn't let php 
write. i made comething like this.

Function chat2file($filename, $str) {
  $fp = fopen("chats/$filename", "a");
  fputs($fp, $str);

Function file2chat($filename) {
  if(file_exists("chats/$filename")) {
    $fd = fopen("chats/$filename", "r");
    flock($fd, LOCK_UN);
    $content = fread($fd, filesize("chats/$filename"));
    return $content;
  } else {
    return "";

i put the non blocking option in flock while reading but still blocks and 
doesn't write, my question is it possible to write to a file while reading?!, 
if so how?


        Rui Barreiros
       Software Developer

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