> Function chat2file($filename, $str) {
>   $fp = fopen("chats/$filename", "a");
>   fputs($fp, $str);
>   close($fp);
> }

So long as $str is less than, errr, 8K?, this is good on Linux, as the
append will be atomic.

You would want flock here if it's not Linux, or if it wasn't "a".

> Function file2chat($filename) {
>   if(file_exists("chats/$filename")) {
>     $fd = fopen("chats/$filename", "r");
>     flock($fd, LOCK_UN);

You don't need to lock for reading at all.  You really don't care if 2
people read at once.

Disclaimer:  I *THINK* it's (Linux+append && <8K == atomic)...

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