Jon, you just made me realize the typo I had in my script.
Thanks a bunch.  I had some ==, but there were two = which was making my head 

thanks for the post.

On Tue, 31 Jul 2001 09:16:26 +0100, Jon Haworth wrote:

>> if ($post = "1" && $Age = " ") {echo "NO";}
>> else {echo "YES";}
>> Now here is what happens.  On a first time view of the page it outputs 
>> 'NO' (Good).  If I dont enter anything in the age field and submit the 
>> form it outputs 'NO' (Good).  If I enter a value into the age field and 
>> submit, it outputs 'NO' (Not Good).
>You are assigning these values, not comparing them
>$post = "1"    // puts "1" in the variable $post
>$post == "1"   // compares $post to "1"
>you need to change your code to 
>if ($post == "1" && $age == " ") { blah blah blah
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