Ok, I would like to thank Ralph Guzman & Richard Lynch for your help.
I combined your ideas into my own working example.
Just posting here for archiving/discussion purposes...
// Input some data //
echo "<form action=\"$PHP_SELF\" method=\"POST\" 
echo "1.  Age:<br>\n";
echo "&nbsp &nbsp<input type=\"text\" name=\"Age\" size=\"4\" 
maxlength=\"2\" value=\"$Age\"><p>\n";
echo "2.  Email:<br>\n";
echo "&nbsp &nbsp<input type=\"text\" name=\"Email\" size=\"25\" 
maxlength=\"30\" value=\"$Email\"><p>\n";
echo "&nbsp &nbsp<input type=\"submit\" name=\"submit\" 
// Start error correction //
if (!$HTTP_POST_VARS) { exit(); }
        elseif (!$Age) { echo "Please enter your age.<br>\n"; }
         elseif (!$Email) { echo "Please enter your email.<br>\n"; }
        else { echo "Thanks for your submission.\n"; }
// Do what you want with you sanitised strings //
.......... :)

Thanks again guys...

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