ok i really need to get this sorted quickly so could somebody please tell me which of 
the below (taken off php.net) i should download to install PHP on my WIN ME comeputer 
(im not using my computer as an insternet server i need it to test scripts)

Complete Source Code
  a.. PHP 4.0.6 [3,083Kb] - 23 June 2001 
Win32 Binaries
  a.. PHP 4.0.6 zip package [4,859Kb] - 23 June 2001
  (CGI binary plus server API versions for Apache, AOLserver, ISAPI and NSAPI. MySQL 
support built-in, many extensions included, packaged as zip) 
  b.. PHP 4.0.6 installer [755Kb] - 23 June 2001
  (CGI only, MySQL support built-in, packaged as Windows installer to install and 
configure PHP, and automatically configure IIS, PWS and Xitami, with manual 
configuration for other servers. N.B. no external extensions included) 
  a.. PHP 4.0.6 memory limit fix [0Kb] - 1 July 2001
  (This patch fixes a bug in the 4.0.6 memory limit option. This is only needed when 
configuring PHP with --enable-memory-limit). If you have problems applying the patch 
try using GNU patch. 

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