I was just looking through the mailing list archives for some help
with my gettext problem (basically, I can't get it to work).

Anyway, I came across your post:

> Thanks for the reply.  This will not solve my problem.  The problem is,
for some
> languages the sentence structure may be different.  For example, the
> may need to be,
>     $greeting = "$first_name, welcome!"
> as opposed to,
>    $greeting = "Welcome, $first_name!"

This can be handled by gettext.  Change your english code to something like:

    $greeting = sprintf( gettext("Welcome, %s!"), $first_name );

Once you run xgettext to extract all the strings, you'll end up with

    msgid "Welcome, %s!"
    msgstr ""

So just convert it into whatever language, and move the "%s" as needed, eg:

    msgstr "%s, bonjour!"

This even works with multiple "%s"'s, in later versions of PHP where you can
rearrange the arguments in the format string, but not the way they are
to sprintf():

    msgid "%s is %d years old"
    msgstr "$2%d Jahrs habe $1%s"

Check www.php.net/sprintf for details.

Hope that helps.

- Colin

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